Bromont immobilier is making its mark as a real estate developer, combining innovation and passion. A desire to share its local expertise and to expand its service offering has led to the emergence of the Bromont Immobilier real estate agency. With 30 years’ expertise in real estate brokerage and 10 years in real estate development, the agency is implementing its professional skills to meet growing demand in its community.


Bromont immobilier comprises three sales offices, all located in Bromont, including a space at the foot of the Bromont, montagne d’expériences centre. Having more than one office enables the agency to vary its approach to customers. In addition to giving the mountain increased visibility, Bromont Immobilier is also 10,000 Facebook followers, nearly 1,000 Instagram followers and more than 45,000 visitors a year to its website.


Bromont immobilier boasts a team that grew up in the area, that lives and works in Bromont and that is locally involved. This proud and dynamic team has been working together for many years, combining experience and devotion, always with the goal of finding that special something suited to your needs.

Suzie Beauregard 450 531-9026 Chartered real estate broker AEO
When you talk with Suzie Beauregard, you understand right away the place she occupies on our team. With her more than 20 years’ experience as a real estate broker, the regional market holds no secrets for Suzie. Our agency director is a women brimming with ambition and eager to engage in frank and fair discussions. An expert in her field, she can identify your needs quickly and guide you in fulfilling your dreams.
Charles-andré Cantin 579 488-1555 Residential real estate broker
Residential real estate broker
Upon your first encounter with Charles-André Cantin, you quickly realize that he has a passion for the Bromont area and that he easily combines professionalism and humour. After working in the financial field for more than 10 years, Charles-André returned to Bromont, joining the family company with the aim of helping people discover his home town. Sales Director for Bromont Immobilier for nearly 10 years and now a real estate broker, Charles-André is eager to assist clients looking for something special. His professionalism, analytical ability and sense of humour will help him guide you in your efforts, along with a quip to give you a chuckle.
Xavier Dufresne 450 204-5881 Residential real estate broker
Interacting with Xavier Dufresne lets you discover great joie de vivre, true wisdom and impressive strength of character. Father of three children and a lover of photography and architecture, Xavier has worked at Bromont Immobilier for five years as a sales representative and now as a real estate broker. With a passion for the industry to which he was drawn, he seeks constantly to understand market shifts and customers’ needs. Always ready to give more, he aims to have a positive impact on customers’ lives.



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