74 Carré des Pionnières, Bromont
  • 5,865 ft2

Lot intended for a self-build single-family home in phase 2 of the Faubourg 1792 project. Strategically located in the heart of Bromont, this property will allow you to build the home of your dreams in an integrated architecture project. For this lot, the project developer is requiring model #2 with garage. It is also possible to enter into a construction contract with the seller.

The price of the property includes:

  • Architectural plan issued for construction (issued for technical drawings) prepared by Humà Design & Architecture and developed specifically for each lot. For lot #19, the home model will be #2 with garage. Important: the buyer can decide to create a personalized plan with the architecture firm mentioned above, at their own cost. This plan will have to be approved by the developer and the City of Bromont.
  • Preliminary layout plan of the home intended for the property.
  • Road drainage systems (water, rainwater, and sewers), buried wires, waste management services (semi-buried containers).

Main conditions:

  • Any construction in the project must meet the project’s guidelines as set by the City of Bromont and the developer (Faubourg 1792) as well as the layout and architectural integration plan developed by Humà Design & Architecture.

The architectural guide is available upon request.

  • Buyers will have a maximum of 3 years to complete their self-build project.
  • Specific conditions apply (see the listing agent).

Direct access to the city’s trails via La Villageoise trail.

Inclusions and exclusions


Architectural plan issued for construction (for technical drawings) prepared by Humà Design & Architecture and specifically developed for this lot (model #2 with garage), preliminary layout plan, road drainage systems (sewage, water) and buried electrical wires.


Connection to municipal services, driveway, landscaping layout plan if required by the municipality.

Financial details

  • Evaluation (2022)
  • $88,500
  • Annual taxes
  • Municipal: $1 087
    School: $65